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Lust. Mechanics. Mini Cooper. by Elle Brookes

Adventure-romance author, Lesley Meryn, has lived her own share of adventures. But the one thing she has never experienced is the "coupe de foudre", the Lightning-Bolt of Love. Connected by years of friendship to the sexy action-movie star, Jason Hambrey, Jax, the two really are "just friends" but the paparazzi are merciless, making their lives and their friendship almost impossible to sustain.

When Lesley's Aunt dies, leaving her a piece of property in North Yorkshire, Lesley is mystified. Her aunt kept it a secret. Lesley travels to London and learns her that her aunt leased the property twenty-five years before to an 'Historical Research Society'. The lease on the property is up for renewal. Before she makes her decision; Lesley travels to the farm to investigate.

Nothing could prepare her for what she finds at the farm. Miles Sherwood is dark, devious, and desperate. He's the very last person one would consider the head of a stuffy British 'Historical Society'.

Lesley finds him insufferable, yet irresistibly attractive. The two unknowingly share a deep connection. Whether they like it or not...it's Lightning-Time!

There is a cliff-hanger that takes you directly to Book Two: Sex. Coffee. Time Travel. (Release- January 2015!)


Lust. Mechanics. Mini Cooper.Lust. Mechanics. Mini Cooper. by Elle Brookes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The tale takes us through the days of Lesley, as she evolves from being a pesky and stubborn kid into a headstrong and equally stubborn lady. Having been thrown into a situation where she needs to look out for herself, her headstrong attitude comes in handy for her. On one side craving for a sparkly "bolt of lightning" love, she is driven mad by the paparazzi speculation connecting her with her friend of many years, Jax. A break away from the madness comes as a whiff of fresh air, when she learns of a secret property her aunt had kept from her and the rest of the world. What she finds there is more than what she bargained for, in the form of the mysteriously brooding and intriguing Miles. While they are drawn towards each other, can Miles and Lesley give each other the kind of love they have been waiting for, is what the book takes us through.

The narrative was good, and the characters, quirky and hard to forget (even the pig!). The light, smooth and casual tone keeps the reader engaged. Although the blurb warns as much, the cliffhanger ending left me a bit shaken up. I would have preferred the pace to have been a tad more brisk.

Overall, this was an easy read and I recommend this for romance lovers.

My rating: 3.5 stars

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So this was it. Auntie Sophia's secret, mysterious farm. Aside from the buildings, it didn't look much like a farm. There were no animals in the fields. No chickens pecking about. If not for the Range Rover and the Jag, she would have thought the place was deserted. She rubbed absently at the sore spot on her forehead.

Her boots crunched on the gravel driveway echoing in the flat silence, as Lesley walked slowly past the cars and around to the back of the largest cottage. She glanced into a window to see a blonde-haired woman bent over behind a computer monitor, the screen hiding her face. Lesley could see her hands, and silently watched as she seemed to be typing hesitantly with her two manicured index fingers, closely consulting a piece of paper set to the side of the monitor. She worked slowly and with intense concentration. At one point it looked as though she had made a mistake and Lesley could hear her faintly, cursing like a sailor. Lesley was so taken by surprise by this, she hesitated a few moments before she brought her hand up to tap on the window. It was in those few seconds of hesitation that she saw the woman pull a thumb drive out of the processor, slip it, and the piece of paper, into her purse, and dash out the door. Lesley's hand dropped and she stepped away from the window.


Elle Brookes grew up in Los Angeles, California, but lived in Jamaica for three years when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer. She moved to San Francisco and studied at the California Culinary Academy, and went on to become a private chef to a well-known L.A. based television production company. From an early age Elle was a voracious reader of adventure stories and from elementary school through high school, she started writing her own stories of places foreign and exotic. She studied Art History and continued writing in college, focusing on short stories.

A dedicated and passionate traveler, Elle has explored river caves in Jamaica and Costa Rica, hiked glaciers in New Zealand and Iceland, and done dogsledding in Greenland and Iceland. She's danced a fa'a Samoan haka and slept in a fale on the island of Savai'i in Samoa, hiked in the northern mountains of Thailand along the border with Myanmar in the Golden Triangle, and in Haiti, she witnessed a white goat ceremonially sacrificed to Erzuli Freda by a powerful Houngan. For a time she did Performance Driving in Southern California, and has years of study and experience dedicated to fencing, theatrical combat, archery, and horsemanship. Elle currently lives in the central highlands of Costa Rica with her dog Pixie, and her hedgehog, Quiller.

Website: www.tymslyder.com
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