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Book Review -- Web of Light by Kyra Dune

Web of Light (Web of Light Duology #1)Web of Light by Kyra Dune
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The story is an enjoyable fantasy, revolving around a host of fascinating characters. The premise is set upon on a conclave that Queen Eanndra calls all the leaders and their heirs for, after decades. The point of view is from Seva, the chirpy, bold and at the same time, fragile protagonist, who is a half-flyer. She knows she inherited the flyer side from her father, but she has no further clue of her inheritance. There are many people with many natures and attitudes she meets at the conclave, and even makes some friends from among them. When Seva and some of the others visit the Temple of Light, Seva ends up with a powerful spell inside her, called the Web of Light. What can Seva do with this spell and how is it going to help her world, is what the book takes us through.

There are characters that you can imagine, and cannot - there are witches, flyers, the Gari-za and of course, some human beings too. We read and learn about how they all co-habit and co-exist, at times in harmony and at times not. Another character that lingers on in the mind is Valdor. The characterisation is remarkable. The author has done a fabulous job of carving out characters in good light, bad light and sometimes a greyish light, making it easy for the reader to like, dislike or empathise with a character. At times, I was slightly bewildered with the pace of the book, but being a short one, of about 180 pages, sometimes the author is left with no choice but to hurry through certain portions.

This was an enjoyable read and I definitely recommend it to lovers of fantasy.

My rating for this book: 4 stars

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Book Info-
Title- Web of Light
Series-Web of Light Duology #1
By- Kyra Dune
Genre- YA Fantasy
Published By-Shadow Portal Books
Publication Date- October 14th 2013

When Queen Eanndra calls the leaders of the Territories and their heirs to Star Mountain for a Conclave, none of them expect to have their lives changed forever by the repercussions of a war that ended three hundred years ago.

With the return of the Web of Light, chaos and destruction must surely follow.

Sides will be chosen.

Friendships won and lost.

For within every heart lies the dark seed of betrayal.


About the Author-
Kyra Dune was born in Oklahoma, but spent most of her life travelling with her family. She is the author of more than a dozen fantasy novels, including: Shadow of the Dragon, Elfblood, and Firebrand. As a child, her favorite stories were those that told of ordinary children being whisked away to magical lands. She has yet to find her own secret wardrobe or rabbit hole, but she hasn’t given up the search. You never know what might be waiting over the next rainbow.


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