Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Book Review -- Love, Albert by Lynda Simmons

Love, AlbertLove, Albert by Lynda Simmons
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Vicky and Reid, who most people would think of as being the ideal couple, are suffering a widening and irrepairable rift in their eight year long marriage. While Reid is the adventurous and boisterous pilot, who loves being above the ground and hates being tied down to the boring monotony of every day life, Vicky needs some stability and firm ground under her feet. Still very much in love with each other, they sadly come to terms with the fact that they are wired up entirely differently and resort to a divorce. They are forced to swallow their bitterness when unexpectedly, Vicky's uncle, Albert passes away. Before breathing his last, he had requested for his ashes to be taken to Oregon and scattered in Jackson's port by Vicky and Reid. Not wanting to scoff at a dying man's wish, the two set off, although reluctantly on a life-changing journey. Does the journey serve to heal their past and help them come back together, is what the story is about.

The story was a brilliant take on diverse themes all at once - wry humour, fading romance, pursuits in life, emotional dependencies and realisation of what one truly wants. The author has a terrific way with words, all filled with enjoyable wit and Albert's character has been used as the tool to bring this element out. The struggle and change of hearts for both Vicky and Reid have been brought out well. The mid-life crisis and how the two overcome it, is heartening to read.

Overall, this was a superb book and I loved it. I definitelu recommend this book for everyone!

My rating for this book: 5 stars

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