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Kids from the River by Mark G Cosman

Young Adult / New Adult Dystopian
Date Published: July 2014

As the current age thunders to a close, five children are playing in a river that runs through a forest to the sea. All the while, the society they are to inherit is disintegrating. The story follows the diverse predispositions of the kids from the river into adulthood. Amy and Max become lovers while James maintains an erotic passion for Amy and becomes Max's scheming rival. In their decaying world, lawless marauders from the northern frontier sweep down upon a teetering world government while political conspiracies and disease run rampant. As adults, the kids from the river take separate paths to finding love and losing it, to ascending on meteoric careers and plunging into the depths of self-destruction. Amy's father, John Ramsey, inventor of the mysterious Moon Glow project, is continually under assault as the head of the world's most successful company. Known as the "last great man," Ramsey is despised by the new political order, led by Senator Aaron Mire, a charismatic charlatan and a product of a descending age. In these desperate times to come, the duration of life and memory diminish.
Mark Cosman’s writing began when his daughter, Berlyn, was murdered following her high school prom. It was when he left the rubble of his beliefs and assumptions to go in search of answers to the most profound questions we humans ask ourselves. His first book, “A Flower in the Snow” and later, “The Kids from the River” are the result of that odyssey.

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