Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Book Review -- Play of Light by Debra Doxer

Play of LightPlay of Light by Debra Doxer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The tale revolves around Sarah, who returns to her face the demons from her past - the main one of them being Spencer, the boy she had fallen in love with, and the boy she had allowed herself to be crushed by. Still haunted by the intensity of her wounds, her heart winces every time she encounters the boy on her return - except for the fact that she is conscious of how they have both grown from being a boy and a girl. Spencer tries to explain to her about why he did what he did, however cruel it had been. While Sarah attempts to reveal the truth behind the devastation that changed her life, she counts on Spencer's support this time, and trusts him to not betray her, all over again.

It's tremendously difficult to box this tale into a specific genre - it has elements of beautiful friendship and a sprinkling of soulful romance. It also has moments of intrigue and mystery. Having found the blurb irresistible, I started on the book with a lot of expectations - which were more than met! The book gripped me from the very start and I finished it in one setting. The narration was spectacular. The way Doxer weaves the story to morph the childhood into adulthood for Sarah and Spencer was remarkable - in fact the reader can even feel that one moment when they aren't just innocent children anymore, burdened with the brutality of fate. Spencer's characterisation was fabulous - the turmoil inside that boils constantly because of his helplessness has been brought out very well.

I was thoroughly consumed with the destinies of Sarah and Spencer and their intertwining lives, and the mild melancholy lingering throughout the tale was so powerful that it was heart-wrenching! I would highly recommend this book to all lovers of emotional drama and romance genres.

My rating for this book: 5 stars

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