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Book Review -- A Grave Inheritance by Kari Edgren

A Grave Inheritance (Goddess Born, #2)A Grave Inheritance by Kari Edgren
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.

The tale revolves around Selah Kilbrid, who is a descendant of Goddess Brigid. She is as emotional and fragile as any human. Her man, Lord Henry Fitzalan is fiercely devoted to her. Things take a turn when Selah get to learn of some sinister truths which could damage a lot of things she holds dear. Her strength drains and fails her at a very inopportune moment, and she needs to cross over to the other world to get it back. Does she decide to do that, and embrace the other world, or does she decide to leave this one, is what the tale takes us through.

This was a superb fantasy tale from the Goddess Born series. Having not read the first book in the series, I was apprehensive about how I would relate to this book. The tale was so engrossing that it had me hooked - although I was new to the characters and the series. I finished the book in one setting and I was completely captivated by the characters that I couldn't stop thinking about them even after finishing the book. The narration is superb - clearly bringing out the internal turmoil in the characters and the pain that they try to deal with. I loved the way Selah's emotional conflicts are portrayed - making her appear even more vulnerable and human, endearing her to the reader. The pace of the book was excellent - just what it takes to make the book gripping. I am eagerly looking forward to reading the next one in the series now.

Highly recommended to lovers of all fantasy genres.

My rating for this book: 5 stars

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