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Book Review -- Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God by Brian Burt

Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God (Aquarius Rising, #1)Aquarius Rising: In the Tears of God by Brian Burt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was provided with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Aquarius Rising is the promising first book in The Tears of God series. The premise of the book holds a lot of potential and I am certainly eager to know how the plot unfolds in the sequels of the series. It's definitely hard to categorise this book into just "science fiction" - because there is so much more to the book than that, with a lot of emotional tension among the characters, a sense of dangerous adventures and so on.

The story brings us to the point where two hundred years into the future from now, global warming has completely taken a toll on earth and its inhabitants and there is a near apocalypse. When a genetic experiment leads to the release of a virus, around 10% of the population turn into a human-dolphin hybrid race, called Aquarians, and are one of the few races who have been able to survive, with their reef colonies. What didn't help matters was stripping the carbondioxide from the atmosphere using powerful nanoparticles. Today, when an evil power threatens to collapse their world even further, they turn to Ocypode, an Atavism, to save them. Atavisms are said to be born from "the tears of the God" being half-human and half-Aquarian. Can Ocypode avert the disaster and does earth continue to thrive with what little it has left, is what the book takes us through.

The author has my appreciation for a powerful narration that brings out horrifying dangers about a seemingly calm medium from the outside - the ocean. I found the electric forest particularly terrorising. The pace is brisk and holds the reader's interest. It takes a lot to absorb all the different scientific phenomena and the different incidents, that one finds it hard to concentrate on the characters, despite the emotional drama in many scenes - which is probably how the author intended to have it.

I would highly recommend this book to lovers of sci-fi adventures.

My rating for this book: 4 stars

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