Monday, 3 November 2014

Book Review - Max Blizzard and the Gem of Camelot by Patrick Hatt

This is a fabulous book that gives things to cheer about for lovers of many genres - be it fantasy, adventure, drama or self-realisation. Max is a brilliant and precocious, nevertheless solitary boy, whose peers dread his wise-beyond-the-years imagination, vocabulary and expressions. He finds solace in the friendship of Trudesile. But very soon, Max and Trudesile get ported to an entirely new realm, where they learn that Max has a massive responsibility to shoulder and a big disaster to avert. Whether Max succeeds in this mission or not, and at what cost, is what the book beautifully weaves into a story. 

I found the book cover to be haunting and wonderful. The colours are striking, hinting at the foreboding potential danger that Max faces. The choice of font is also particularly striking. 

Hatt's writing style is very refreshing and original and shows no dearth in creativity, be it with the plot, with the characterisations or with the dialogues. The characters are each unique in their traits and Hatt ensures he shows us many glimpses into who his characters really are. Be it Max's ingenuity or the way Trudesile is protective and caring of Max or Sir Dreadvent's nastiness, the characters are remarkable. 

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