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Author Spotlight -- Linda Dawley

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Linda Dawley, born and raised in Canada, married a Kiwi and moved to New Zealand, via Australia. In New Zealand they continued the trend of shifting house at least once a year and Linda decided she needed a profession that could shift along with her. She turned to a long held desire to write and studied 'Applied Writing' with Northland Polytechnic. New Zealand's Learning Media School Journal, and the Australian School Magazine, are home to her first children's short stories. The Tooth Fairy's Mistake is her debut children's novel, and her second novel, Wee Mac, was released in 2014. She is completing work on the next two novels in the Tooth Fairy series.


Interview with Author Linda Dawley

How does a typical book get written in your world - what do you start with?
There is no typical way to write a book in my world. Sometimes I start with and idea, or a sentence that I like or even an incident that has happened that seems like it would make a good story. Then I work at it until it all unfolds. Usually the easiest part is starting.

How would you compare the protagonists of your books with yourself?
I suppose authors consciously or unconsciously write ourselves into the books at some point. I don't think it is confined to just the protagonist, bits and pieces come out in all the characters. I would like to be as courageous as some of my characters--I don't think I am.

How would you typically choose the names of your characters?
I try to find a name that fits the character of course, and that isn't always easy. Sometimes while writing, one character will call another by name--and it works. I often look at lists of names and see if any would fit my character, I try to have them all work together and not be too similar so I, or readers, have trouble keeping them straight.

What's that one Classic work that you wish had been written by you? #

That is a hard question--there are so many. The one that first comes to mind is Victor Hugo's, Jean Val Jean, a story of love, friendship, courage and compassion. I read it when in grade school and have always remembered it.
How would you deal with reviews?

I have appreciated the time and trouble readers take to comment on my work and am grateful to say that they have all been positive so far.
One of the greatest gifts I have been given was by a mother who told me her son, who doesn't like to read, everyday after school read The Tooth Fairy's Mistake, until he finished the book.
I was also recently told of a young lady, an avid reader, who has a pile of her favorite books by her bed: The Tooth Fairy's Mistake and Wee Mac are both residing with Roald Dahl and various other notable authors.

What's your favourite writing location?

I love writing and the beauty of being a writer, you can write anywhere. A pen and paper are the only tools you need and they can be with me at all times--and are. Mostly I write in my office at my desk. I love my office and have a collection of my favorite pictures, books and other items with me all the time.

What awesome books and projects are you working in at the moment?
I am excited about the Molly's further adventures in fairyland, and this time we learn more about Eddie the Elf and their friendship. The Tooth Fairy's Assistant is complete and almost ready to go to press--I anticipate it will be available early in the new year.
I have just about finished writing the third book in the series and I anticipate publication in the first half of 2015.

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